Sid and Grandson

Honor Sid Hartman's legacy with a gift to three organizations close to his heart.

Sid's grandson, Quintin Hartman, has been a patient at Children's Minnesota and Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare, needing numerous surgeries and tests, until he was finally diagnosed with DYRK1A Syndrome, Epilepsy, and Autism - utilizing DYRK1A Syndrome International Association for support and care.

Because of the tremendous support and critical care that Quintin received, Sid supported all 3 of these organizations. It is his family's wish that his memory is honored by making a donation here. 

Your gift will be divided equally to support Children's Minnesota, Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare, and DYRK1A Syndrome International Association.

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Your gift and information will be shared with Sid's priority charities:

Children's Minnesota, Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare and DYRK1A Group.